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1:1 Sessions

I love getting together with people who want to soak up knowledge about drumming, engineering, music making etc. That’s what the 1:1 sessions are for. The main purpose is to connect one on one and answer as many questions as I can regarding drumming, engineering, production, touring, session work, business, etc.  These sessions are intimate and casual and rely heavily on questions from you. The idea is not for me to talk at you but to work with you and help you grow.  

About the 1:1 sessions

Any topic that comes up is valid. Whether it’s questions about drumming and engineering, a nerd fest about equipment and gear, chatting about mindset as a freelancer or the business aspects of music. It totally depends on what YOU are looking to learn.

There is no dumb question. 

· Breaking down songs I’ve worked on. If you’ve seen a video of a performance online or heard a song that I played on I’d love to open the multi track Logic sessions and talk through all the choices I made, explaining sonic/mixing techniques as well as the building of drum parts, programming parts, percussion parts, etc. 

· Breaking down songs YOU have worked on. If you like, the 1:1 session can be an opportunity for you to let me take a look at your session and give critique on what you can be doing better. 

The 1:1 sessions can be held in English or German. We can use screen sharing and high resolution audio streaming via Audiomovers to create an optimal exchange.

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